Our Indigenous Heritage:

     Indigenous spirituality has been practiced in North and South America before recorded history.  The fundamental premise of all indigenous spirituality is to honor and respect Grandmother Earth (Matriarchal), Grandfather Sky (Patriarchal) and all of their descendants. 

     The practicing of American Native indigenous spirituality is understood off and on Federally Recognized Indian Reservations as the Native American Church, which has been granted exclusive federal laws to recognize the spiritual ceremonies and to protect and maintain access to their sacred ceremonial grounds.  American Native Spirituality has historically utilized Grandmother Earth's minerals and plants to commune with the spirit world to assist their healing and personal empowering ceremonies.

   Courageous Ancestral Relatives


 Oklevueha Native American Church presently is the ONLY: 

·       Native American Church accepted to conduct Indigenous American Native ceremonies within the United States Navy;

·       Native American Church validated by a unanimous decision of the State of Utah Supreme Court to admit people of any racial make up around its sacred fires;

·       Native American Church that has received State of Utah Governor Accommodation Awards for introducing and managing a successful American Native based Habilitation Program in the State of Utah Department of Corrections;

·       Native American Church that has entered into a Cultural Exchange Proclamation with the Huichole Nation, witnessed by the Mexican Consulate.

·       Native American Church that has received a ruling in the Hawaiian Federal Court  whereupon the United States Government committed (due to ripeness) not to confiscate ‘Cannabis’ Sacrament from the United States Mails and/or arrest any member of Oklevueha Native American Church of Hawaii for transporting or utilizing cannabis as their Sacrament.  The Court also gave permission for ONAC of Hawaii to Sue the DEA.



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The White House is hosting the first-ever Tribal Youth Gathering

The Tribal Youth Gathering comes at a moment of increased attention to Indian Country, particularly to the tremendous challenges faced by Native American youth. Last June, Obama visited the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on the border of North and South Dakota, becoming only the eighth president to visit an Indian reservation while in office. During his visit, Obama met with Lakota and Dakota youth whose stories of forestalled opportunities, drinking and suicide moved him to tears.Read More

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Sacred Science

You have 3 days to watch for free! Witness this film about 8 people going to the Amazon rainforest to heal varied states of health. Read More

It is Happening Now! The Ancestors Led Us

Honoring the Lessons of Native American Ancestors By Nancy Oakes Herein is the message. We have the opportunity to evolve into the new species of love, become one people working to heal the planet, and the Universe will support us. This is a wonderful time to be alive. Your assignment is to be present and aware.Read More
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